Cargo and Trailer Management

Bigger Picture to the Smallest Detail

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency, visibility, management and security of your trailers, containers and cargo, having the right asset tracking, monitoring and management systems in place is essential. Why? Because leveraging accurate data enhances real revenue potential.

End Users Can Use Trailer and Trailer Management Systems to:

  • Optimize trailer/container asset utilization
  • Maximize trailer/container productivity and profit
  • Protect and manage valuable cargo and trailers
  • Monitor tire pressure and adjust temperatures in real time
Cargo Trailer Solutions

Our Trailer and Cargo Management Solutions Keep Profitability On Track

Sensata INSIGHTS is your single source for advanced, affordable devices for tracking and managing trailer and container fleets and the cargo they carry — end to end, across the entire supply chain. We have everything you need for container, trailer and cargo management.

Data in the Details

Managing cargo/trailer/container capacity can maximize per-unit and fleetwide revenue and profit. And by knowing the location and condition of their assets in real time — right down to every time a trailer door opens — end users can dramatically improve their utilization rates.

Why Sensata INSIGHTS?

Backed by Sensata Technologies, a $4.2B global leader in sensor technology, Sensata INSIGHTS strives to be the first choice in transportation IoT with more experience, flexibility, advanced technology and responsive support than any other provider on the planet.

Count on us to connect the dots between better data, a bigger-picture view and a deeper commitment to our relationship with you.

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