Sensing Solutions

Our Sensors Just Make Sense.

When it comes to fleet management, decisions are only as good as source data. By generating a full spectrum of accurate component-, subsystem- and asset-level data, fleets can get the bigger picture view of their IoT assets — and then dig into the details to turn insights into action.

Fleet Managers Can Use Sensing Solutions to:

  • Make sense of the world’s IoT data — all at the highest fidelity
  • Get maximum assurance that it’s exactly the right data for them
  • Leverage their data to make more informed decisions
  • Use insights from their data to optimize efficiency and improve ROI

Our Sensing Solutions Ensure the Highest Quality Data

Sensata INSIGHTS draws on parent company Sensata Technology’s sensor heritage and industry leadership to deliver purpose-built fleet management sensors for collecting and sharing situational data from IoT assets. Our proprietary fleet management sensors — from tire pressure monitoring systems to blind spot sensors — help make sense of the world’s IoT data at the highest fidelity.

Connect the Dots

The volume of asset-level data accessible through the Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding. With millions of devices and billions of sensors covering six continents, we’re delivering on the promise to make sense of the world’s data by revealing truths that inspire actions. By equipping vehicles with tire monitor sensors, blind spot sensors and more, end users can make smarter decisions that ultimately affect the entire supply chain.

Why Sensata INSIGHTS?

Backed by Sensata Technologies, a $4.2B global leader in sensor technology, Sensata INSIGHTS strives to be the first choice in transportation IoT with more experience, flexibility, advanced technology and responsive support than any other provider on the planet.

Count on us to connect the dots between better data, a bigger-picture view and a deeper commitment to our relationship with you.

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