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Use our dash cam storage calculator to select optimization settings, disk storage and individual camera settings for your vehicles.

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When it comes to video telematics, flexibility is key. That’s why Sensata INSIGHTS cameras provide a variety of configurable settings, so you can maximize capacity, image quality or a mixture of both. Leverage the tools on this page to determine what’s best for your needs.

Step 1: Select a device

Step 2: Select an optimization type

Step 3: Choose your storage

Estimated Video Recording Time

What is NTSC vs. PAL?


About XX hrs.


About XX hrs.

Step 4: Customize individual camera settings to maximize performance

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Channel 2

Channel 3

Channel 4

Channel 5

Channel 6

Channel 7

Channel 8

Video Resolution

Video resolution affects how clear and detailed your video is. The higher the number of pixels, the higher the resolution (and the larger the file size). Standard resolution is 420, and high-definition resolutions are 720 and 1080.

Frame Rate

Frame rate is the number of frames displayed per second (fps) in a video. Although typical frame rates range from 24–30 frames per second, reducing frame rates to 10 or 15 fps can reduce file sizes by up to 300% with little noticeable difference in playback quality.


Video compression reduces the file size to free up more storage. By reducing the bandwidth needed to transfer your videos, you can provide a better overall user experience.

Bit Rate

Bit rate aligns to the quality of the compressed video captured by the camera. The higher the bit rate, the higher quality the viewing experience and the more storage space the video will take up on the SD card.

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