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Making sense of the world’s IoT data across the entire supply chain.

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Making sense of the world’s IoT data across the entire supply chain.


Telematics data analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data from vehicles and sending it to a central location for analysis. This data can include location, speed, idling time, acceleration or braking, fuel consumption, vehicle faults, engine diagnostics and driver behavior.

Born from a legacy of engineered design excellence. Combined with best-in-class capabilities in telematics, video and AI data analytics. Offering a modular end-to-end solution enabling insights, inspiring actions and empowering outcomes.

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Sensata INSIGHTS offers a complete portfolio of proprietary supply chain monitoring and management technology to convert IoT data from information to insights — enabling the smartest telematics data analytics solutions.

What defines and differentiates us.

Better data sourced from our own hardware, a bigger-picture view with telematics data analytics products spanning the complete end-to-end supply chain and a deeper commitment to our channel customers — always working toward their success because we only win when they do.

Better data.

We go beyond software.
We design all our own hardware. This gives us greater control to deliver higher-quality data for the highest-quality insights, decisions and outcomes.

Bigger picture.

We go end to end.
Our modular solution portfolio enables you to offer a tailored big-picture view of the entire supply chain, deepening and expanding your revenue opportunities.

Deeper commitment.

We build more than products.
We build relationships. That is the North Star that guides everything we do, from how we design our APIs to how we provide support before, during and after the sale.

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