Warehouse & Logistics

Sensata INSIGHTS warehouse and logistics products enhance system visibility with detailed, accurate location information on goods and the equipment handling them, down to a vehicle/trailer, pallet or even an individual item.

Accelerate efficiency and velocity.

Track the flow of goods, processes and people to, from and within a warehouse or distribution center with Sensata INSIGHTS warehouse and logistics products.

Know which items are on which cart or pallet.

Track item/package location at cart, bay and trailer levels to improve order fulfillment efficiency and accuracy.

Improve load planning and bay staging.

Track, manage and optimize the flow of items/carts/pallets from rack to bay, trailer to bay or bay to bay.

Smooth out yard traffic and bay assignments.

Link dock availability to truck location data to reduce wait times and improve load/unload throughput.

XT1500 Series Beacon

A low-cost Bluetooth® beacon for effective package tracking of en route or in-facility assets. Links pallets or other assets to gateway devices, allowing for tracking of individual beacons over the cellular network.

XT1500 Spec Sheet

  • Easy to integrate with XT4000 series devices, including XT4500, XT4700, XT4900
  • Replaceable AA batteries in the beacon
  • Internal BT antenna
  • LED status indicator
  • Configurable BT broadcasting
  • 100-meter range
  • 50m with a BT4 receiver and 90m with a BT5 receiver at +4dbm
  • FCC, IC, CE/RED certified

XT4600 Series

The XT4600 series is a low-cost warehouse and logistics solution for monitoring vital indoor and outdoor location data for remote and fixed assets. The tracker is powered by two alkaline AA batteries in an IP66 rated enclosure.

XT4600 Spec Sheet

  • Integrated Cellular, Wi-Fi & GPS antennas
  • Assistance Data Download for GPS (A-GPS)
  • Supports remote configuration
  • Supports custom LED indication
  • Activation via capacitive touch-button
  • Detection of Device Orientation
  • Detection of Motion/No-Motion or Shock
  • IP66 Rating
  • Certified AT&T, PTCRB, CE (Pending)

XT3700 Series

A fleet telematics device with a full range of CANBUS data, SDK features, numerous interfaces and a remote tachograph data download option.

XT3700 Spec Sheet

  • Instant geofence notifications to provide fleet managers with greater control and monitoring.
  • LTE CatM1 with 2G fallback or Cat1 with 3G UMTS/HSPA, 2G GSM fallback (varies with device model)
  • SDK with unique scenarios and algorithms
  • MQTT-based data transfer protocol
  • Supports TLS1.2
  • Integrated GNSS engine and GNSS antenna
  • Optional 1800mAh/850mAh/210mAh battery
  • Remote tachograph data download
  • IEC, CE/RED, E-Mark E24, TRA, SASO, ICASA, ANRT, OSTST, ANATEL certified

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