Our Telematics Product Ecosystem.

Sensata INSIGHTS offers a full portfolio of telematics products that includes advanced cloud platforms and spans the full spectrum of supply chain & logistics, telematics, and work site & asset monitoring. Complete and comprehensive, modular and flexible.

End-to-end means maximum visibility.

Our modular end-to-end telematics products offering supports tailored solutions that bring IoT data together from multiple sources, make sense of it and deliver it through a single interface.

Cover the whole supply chain.

End-to-end supply chain visibility and control to reduce costs, increase efficiency, maximize utilization and expand profits.

Monitor and manage the work site.

Monitor asset location, status and activity at the site or multiple sites to measure and manage productivity and profitability.

Execute and operate flawlessly.

Customize the solution to need — Sensata INSIGHTS is there to support design, installation, configuration and ongoing support.

Cloud Platform & Services

A complete portfolio of cloud telematics products for ultimate breadth and flexibility. APIs designed for easy integration into your telematics solution — hardware track and trace, video telematics, raw or pre-processed data; everything from a single platform.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Everything you require for telematics products and solutions that track and manage assets and goods moving across the supply chain with accuracy and precision. Increase system efficiency, productivity and velocity, reduce risk and improve safety.


Collect and manage data from vehicles, equipment and peripherals for situational awareness of what’s happening in the field. Real-time triggers designed to enable continuously improving safety, efficiency, decision making and profitability.

Work Site & Asset Monitoring

A wide variety of integrated telematics products and technologies for site-level visibility of property, processes and people. Track asset location, activity and status in real time to improve and maximize productivity and profit.

We’re here to help.

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