Our Brand

Brand Foundation

Our brand is built upon elements that clearly define who we are, how we’re different and why we exist.

There are insights. And there’s Sensata INSIGHTS.

Follow these guidelines to ensure our communications reinforce our identity and allow us to stand out in a crowded market.

The smartest get smarter.

Two dots on a screen. Two vehicles on a road.
One hauling essential goods to a hospital. The other shuttling family to a reunion.
Different companies. Different routes. Different destinations.
With a shared, critical need for better decision making.
At Sensata INSIGHTS, we gather, relay and analyze data in real time. All the time.
Data that empowers our partners to anticipate, understand and act.
A single source of clarity across entire IoT ecosystems.
That’s the future we’re building. Right now.
Using the experience and trust that Sensata Technologies has built over decades.
All to deliver on a promise that the smartest companies demand today:
Better mission-critical decision making about movement through land, sea, air or space.
Welcome to the smartest decisions.
Welcome to Sensata INSIGHTS.

Why the Sensata INSIGHTS Name?

It’s who we are and it’s what we do. Revealing truth and inspiring action is our brand purpose. Sensata IoT sensors enable insights and empower action to deliver on that purpose. Without Sensata, there are no insights. And without the insights, there is nothing to inspire action. It’s as simple as that.

Brand Purpose

Our purpose goes beyond what we do. It’s the reason we do it. Our reason for being.

To reveal truth and inspire action

Brand Essence

Our essence is the soul of our brand. It provides meaning and direction to those who guide and build it.

Inspired actions

Characteristics Important to Us

The characteristics that are important to us shape our values, shape our culture and define our intentions and actions. They are meaningful to both our employees and our customers.

Biased for action
Focused on the possible
Going the extra mile
Doing the right thing

Brand Personality

Our personality is the human characteristics that we use to express the brand.


It takes intelligence to deliver insights that make smart companies even smarter. We’re sharp. We’re savvy. We know our business. And we learn our customers businesses.


We have the confidence you’d expect in a leader. A bold, courageous self-assuredness that inspires others to put their confidence in us.


We’re never satisfied with where we are and what we’ve done. We relentlessly and tirelessly pursue what’s better and what’s next.


We have a strong belief in what we do. A strong commitment to how we do it. And a strong drive to be the best at everything we do.

Value Proposition

A comprehensive portfolio of products and services that enable customers to maximize the benefits of the IoT ecosystem.

Market Position

An IoT partner providing best-in-class, end-to-end offerings that inspire better decision making.

about sensata insights

About Sensata INSIGHTS

At Sensata INSIGHTS, we enable our channel partners’ customers to make sense of the world’s IoT data, leading to inspired actions and better decisions from movement of property across land, sea and air. Our solutions connect and strengthen supply chains through real-time collection and analysis of data across the entire IoT ecosystem. We’ve sold more than 20 million telematics, video telematics, monitoring and sensing devices — plus enabled software solutions — globally across fleet, supply chain and worksite segments. Sensata INSIGHTS is the market leader in end-to-end IoT solutions.