Work Site Management

Harness the power of IoT data converted to insights to support decisions for improving work site management, safety, security and efficiency at site and system levels. Know equipment location, how it’s being used, current status levels and change in status — historical or in real time.

Work sites, optimized and managed.

Every work site has a P&L. Finally, easily align utilization and visibility with your work site management and profitability.


Data collection and analytics to optimize employee and subcontractor deployment, manage compliance and reduce administrative costs.


Know what equipment is being used where, how and for how long. Access geofence data to track assets moving in and out of the site.


Multiple-source IoT data capture and analytics to streamline budget management, scheduling, permitting processes and more, all on one screen.

Elastic API

A highly scalable work site management platform that captures, collects and communicates data across the entire end-to-end ecosystem of IoT, telematics, video, cargo, warehouse, trailers and assets so you can embed in your applications (or use ours). Easily provide customers a robust set of insights by work site/job site.

  • Access to all data (raw or pre-processed)
  • API provides data from other integrated platforms
  • Easily ingest the data by geographic location (work sites)

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