Vehicle Telematics

Sensata INSIGHTS provides the industry’s most comprehensive and versatile vehicle telematics devices and driver monitoring solutions — integrated across all vehicle classes — to empower decision making and inspire action.

Move from commoditization to differentiation.

Differentiated data from vehicle telematics, monitoring and onboard diagnostics for enhanced safety, efficiency, sustainability and profitability.

Monitor a wide range of vehicle types.

Collect data from virtually any vehicle type, including passenger, light- and heavy-duty trucks, and commercial powered/non-powered equipment.

PID integration for additional vehicle telematics insights.

Onboard diagnostic parameter IDs (PIDs) add vehicle condition/status to location and driver/operator behavior monitoring.

Integrate with other sensors/devices.

Open API supports additional digital and analog interface for easy integration with other sensors and peripherals.

LX40 Series

More than a tracker, the robust and scalable LX40 platform provides broad control over device behavior and communication with highly customizable scripting capabilities. The flexibility of the LX40 product family consists of five product variants to suit any deployment scenario.

LX40 Spec Sheet (EMEA)

  • Rich telematics functionality with variants supporting robust CANBUS data
  • Scripting language with 500+ controllable parameters/objects
  • Remote device management and OTA update capabilities
  • Advanced driver ID and geofence functions
  • Multiple harness and install options with programmable I/O interfaces
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) 5.4 for wireless connectivity and sensor coverage
LX40 Series Product Photo

XT2400 Series

Monitor location, speed and several other data types from the on vehicle OBD port — convenient plug-and-play installation for passenger/light duty vehicle telematics applications.

XT2400 Spec Sheet

  • Integrated GPS engine, cellular and GPS antennas, and integrated OBD-II interface
  • Compact design, self-installs in seconds
  • Supports open OBD-II standard and OEM proprietary parameters
  • LTE Cat M1
  • LED status indicators for GPS lock, GSM registration and OBD-II communication
  • 3-axis accelerometer and motion detector
  • Integrated GPS receiver and antenna
  • Optional 250mAh Li-Ion battery
  • FCC, IC, ISED certified

XT2500 Series

A plug-and-play universal vehicle tracking unit (VTU) for use in light duty/passenger vehicles. Easily adaptable to heavy-duty trucks.

XT2500 Spec Sheet

  • Optional Bluetooth interface for ELD applications
  • Optional internal battery and internal buzzer for driver behavior alerts
  • Cellular, GPS, optional Bluetooth with internal antenna
  • OBD protocol support and voltage compatibility for light- and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Integrated accelerometer
  • NA: AT&T, Verizon, TMO, 4G LTE Cat M1, LTE Cat NB2
  • Ability to connect to an external I/O box (I/O box contains additional interfaces)
  • FCC, PTCRB, IC certified

XG3700 Series

A fleet vehicle telematics device with a full range of CANBUS data, SDK features, numerous interfaces and a remote tachograph data download option.

XG3700 Spec Sheet

  • Instant geofence notifications to provide fleet managers with greater control and monitoring
  • LTE CatM1 with 2G fallback or Cat1 with 3G UMTS/HSPA, 2G GSM fallback (varies with device model)
  • SDK with unique scenarios and algorithms
  • MQTT-based data transfer protocol
  • Supports TLS1.2
  • Integrated GNSS engine and GNSS antenna
  • Optional 1800mAh/850mAh/210mAh battery
  • Remote tachograph data download
  • IEC, CE/RED, E-Mark E24, TRA, SASO, ICASA, ANRT, OSTST, ANATEL certified

XT6300 Series

Vehicle telematics tracking solutions with optional OBDII and JBUS protocols to support a wide range of vehicles, including passenger, light- to heavy-duty trucks and commercial equipment.

XT6300 Spec Sheet

  • Instant geofence notifications to provide fleet managers with greater control and monitoring
  • Embedded cellular, GPS and optional Bluetooth® antennas reduce the need for additional external accessories
  • Customizable data packets to support unique and evolving business needs
  • Platform design allows rapid customization to meet market and application requirements
  • LTE Cat 1, 3G UMTS/HSPA, 2G GSM (varies with device model)
  • GSM (varies with device model)
  • Over-the-air application firmware upgrades
  • SMS, UPD, AWS MQTT with TLS1.2, MQTT and HTTPS support
  • 5 digital inputs, 1 analog input, 3 outputs, 2 1-wire bus, 2 RS232
  • 3-axis accelerometer and motion detector GarminTM Fleet Management Interface (FMI)
  • Optional 250 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Optional internal buzzer for driver alerts
  • FCC, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, CE(RED) certified

Application Programming Interface (API)

Empowers telematics service providers and other integrators to embed video and data from the entire end-to-end ecosystem of IoT, telematics, video, cargo, warehouse, trailers and assets directly into your application (or use ours).

  • API documentation that’s second to none — comprehensive and easy to understand with sample code
  • Available with all legacy SmartWitness and Xirgo devices
  • Raw data or pre-processed data

Device Manager

Easily provision, configure, monitor and update all our hardware devices — all over the air.

  • Device management and updating (configuration and firmware)
  • Device health and status

Vehicle and Asset Telematics Application

Our white-label, turnkey telematics software is for resellers wanting to expand into telematics but don’t have their own application. The application presents data generated from our devices allowing fleet users to derive meaning and situational awareness about what’s happening in the field.

  • Powerful analytics and machine learning engine
  • Fully white-labeled with your own branding
  • All your customer’s tracked assets visible in a single pane of glass
  • Dashboards showing key performance indicators visually
  • Highly robust, multi-tenant, scalable application that works as well for fleets with 5 assets or 500,000

Find out for yourself.

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