New Customizable Telematics Platform Empowers Deployment Success

LX40 Series by Sensata INSIGHTS

When it comes to telematics, there is no one-size-fits-all solution — and not all devices are equal. That’s why the scalable new LX40 Series by Sensata INSIGHTS is more than just a telematics device. It’s a customizable, flexible, affordable and game-changing platform for the telematics industry.

With its broad latitude to control device behavior, plus communication and scripting capabilities for true customization, telematics service providers (TSPs) can exercise full control and creativity to create distinct value and “de-risk” large projects exactly as they need to.

In addition, resellers can tap into the LX40’s family of five product variants to provide customizable telematics devices that will suit any personal need or end-user scenario, whether it’s to cover simple tracking or enable vehicle CAN monitoring and more. Best of all, everything’s on one software platform.

“We based the design on what customers have requested. Regardless of what a customer is asking, the LX40 Series allows us to provide the customization they need. It is not only a piece of hardware but also a suite of tools that allows the customer to set the device up and easily write scripts.”

John Greer, INSIGHTS Engineering Director, Telematics & Device Cloud

Benefits include:

  • CAN compatibility from simple tracking to full vehicle telematics
  • Scripting language with 500+ controllable parameters/objects
  • Remote device management and OTA update capabilities
  • Easy-to-use XDM software platform
  • Advanced driver ID and geofence functions
  • Multiple harness and installation options with programmable I/O interfaces
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) 5.4 for wireless connectivity and sensor coverage

With its robust cellular coverage, remote management and update capabilities — plus a variety of available accessories — the LX40 Series customizable telematics platform provides all of the options needed for deployment success.

To learn more about the LX40 Series, view the LX40 spec sheet.