New Milestone for Award-Winning AP1 Entry-Level Dashcam


Fleet managers usually know the value of video telematics in improving driver safety and protecting against unwarranted litigation in the event of an accident. Yet factors such as cost, complexity, inadequate safety features and driver resistance have discouraged many operators from adding dashcams to their arsenal of fleet management tools, leaving them without critical video footage, accident prevention and driver coaching abilities.

Enter Sensata INSIGHTS’ AP1. This simple, affordable road-facing camera removes barriers to video telematics deployments with an entry-level price point and better-than-entry-level features including safety-critical Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) audio alerts.

The AP1 was recognized as a CES 2022 Awards Innovation Honoree because of its unique design and feature set. It has since been adopted by fleets in an array of industries spanning road construction, HVAC contractors, oil field services, truckload carriers and many more.

Now the AP1 has been added to the Geotab Marketplace ORDER NOW program, offering seamless integration with the Geotab fleet management and tracking system including the ability to view AP1-captured video footage from the Geotab platform. Geotab’s choice of the AP1 is another validation of the camera’s unique advantages for fleets looking for a low-cost, high-value video telematics solution.

Benefits include:

  • Better-than-basic features at a baseline price
  • Road-facing camera only, ideal for fleets where driver-facing cameras are impractical
  • ADAS technology that alerts drivers to the most critical imminent accident risks
  • Artificial intelligence that dramatically reduces false reports of risky driving behavior
  • Fast plug-and-play installation – just minutes per vehicle
  • Event video uploaded to the cloud for retrieval and review for up to 12 months
  • Compact, all-in-one video + telematics design that can work with an existing telematics black box or without

Sensata INSIGHTS also offers a range of other video telematics solutions, including the KP2 (a unique modular HD road-facing dashcam with ADAS and DSM capability that can be converted to a dual road- and driver-facing device with a 1” x 1” plug-in that snaps into the base unit) as well as 4-channel and 8-channel options for multicam deployments.

If you’re considering a video telematics adoption or upgrade, check out 10 Factors to Consider when Purchasing Video Telematics for guidance in choosing the right system for your needs.