Commercial Fleets

Commercial fleet telematics solutions to improve fleet utilization, lower liability and insurance costs, reduce operating expenses and keep your drivers safe.

Vehicle Telematics

Customized solutions to convert high-quality, multi-source IoT data into information and insights for smarter business decisions and results.

Harness the latest GPS and accelerometer technologies to monitor and manage driver behavior

  • Identify and train to correct risky driving behaviors
  • Monitor hours-of-service compliance and track ELD data remotely
  • View fleet by driver rather than vehicle to identify high performers and need-to-improvers

Monitor vehicle location across the fleet in real time

  • Drive dramatic fleet productivity and asset utilization improvement
  • Apply integrated geofencing technology for instant route change/deviation alerts
  • Improve on-time delivery performance at fleet and vehicle levels

Real-time vehicle and cargo condition monitoring

  • Monitor OBD data to identify/diagnose engine problems remotely for preventative maintenance and faster field repairs
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to avoid blowouts
  • Real-time dry/reefer cargo condition, door status monitoring
  • Analyze cargo container and trailer capacity
commercial fleets vehicle telematics

Video Telematics

Tailored cloud-based solutions to record and manage video evidence of accidents, near-accidents and proof of service to support safer, lower-risk, lower-cost, higher-performing fleets.

Wide-angle HD video of what’s happening in front of fleet vehicles

  • See the way your driver saw at the time surrounding an incident
  • Data managed in the cloud for device simplicity and economy
  • Integrated machine learning and add-on AI technologies to dramatically reduce false positives
  • Available ADAS technology for real-time forward collision/tailgating/lane departure alerts

Add a cab view for video monitoring of driver behaviors

  • Integrated and add-on AI technologies to identify drivers, detect driver distraction/fatigue
  • Available ability to add driver-facing to road-facing camera anytime with snap-on simplicity
  • Video evidence for accident exoneration of drivers/fleet owners

Industry-leading flexibility — solutions integrating up to 8 cameras

  • Up to 360-degree view of vehicle and surroundings for enhanced safety and security
  • Optional in-cab LCD monitor
  • Video proof and time of service documentation
video telematics

Transportation & Logistics

End-to-end supply chain solutions to increase processing velocity, minimize shipping errors and cargo damage/spoilage, and optimize asset utilization for improved revenue, productivity and profit.

Track pallets, carts and other shipping units in warehouses, distribution centers and enroute

  • Integrated wired or wireless beacon/gateway/cloud platform solutions for visibility from system to unit level
  • Support maximum order fulfillment speed, accuracy and efficiency
  • Detect, locate and correct errors rapidly

Global-to-local remote monitoring and management of container/trailer contents to maximize capacity utilization and prevent damage/loss/theft

  • Integrated GPS/cellular/Bluetooth®/Wi-Fi solutions for uninterrupted indoor/outdoor visibility
  • Manage/optimize/photographically document trailer capacity for maximum space/asset utilization
  • Trip tracking — real-time cargo location data from source to destination

Wired and wireless trailer tracking to support optimized equipment productivity and network velocity

  • Pre-check trailer/tire condition before loading; TPMS to minimize blowouts enroute
  • Real-time trailer location to support fleet/supply chain management and maximize utilization
  • Accident avoidance — side/back-up/proximity sensors to detect objects during operation

Monitoring solutions to protect perishable cargo/minimize spoilage

  • Solution can be configured to track desired conditions — temperature, humidity, CO2 levels
  • Trip logging — accurate source-to-destination data for FDA compliance
  • Solution can include trailer door sensors for real-time open/close alerts
transportation and logistics

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