API Integration

Easily integrate Sensata INSIGHTS technology into any IoT application.

Connect the dots between data and video with API integration.

The Sensata INSIGHTS API enables telematics service providers and other integrators to embed data and video seamlessly. Developers consistently tell us that our API is one of the easiest and most comprehensive they’ve ever worked with. We also utilize a unique data flow to keep cellular data usage low while not restricting access to the data you need.

Sensata INSIGHTS provides a massively scalable and flexible platform to build connected applications and maximize the value of better data using powerful analytics and machine learning. Integrators can choose the modules needed to accelerate existing systems into the IoT market, as well as quickly add a video solution to any telematics or fleet management software platform.

Forged in the Cloud by proven IoT/AI innovators, our API integration platform is the most flexible and scalable for managing mobile assets across indoor/outdoor locations worldwide — and one of the fastest-growing enterprise IoT platforms on the market.

user interface prototyping

Sensata INSIGHTS API Integration features and benefits.

  • Nimble and intuitive platform
  • Flexible and scalable APIs with easy integration
  • The ability to rapidly enable value on top of existing tools and data
  • Real-time actionable business intelligence from analytic services
  • Bulk operations to manage your business at scale
  • Role and permission-based access to many parts of the system to restrict key activities to authorized users

Find out for yourself.

At Sensata INSIGHTS, no one does video telematics solutions better than us. But we’re in business to build something even more important. Relationships.