Cargo & Trailer Management

Sensata INSIGHTS is your single source for advanced, affordable devices for tracking and managing trailer and container fleets and the cargo they carry — end to end, across the entire supply chain. We have everything you need for container, trailer and cargo management.

Bigger picture to the smallest detail.

Improve efficiency, visibility, management and security of trailers, containers and cargo.

Optimize trailer/container asset utilization.

Know the location of every asset in real time on the road or in the yard by equipment type for dramatically improved utilization rates.

Maximize trailer/container productivity and profit.

Monitor tire pressure in real time. Manage cargo/trailer/container capacity to maximize per-unit and fleetwide revenue and profit.

Protect and manage valuable cargo and trailers.

Check trailer condition, pre-trip. Monitor, adjust and document temperature and other conditions. Know every time the trailer doors open.

XT3100 Series

A full-featured industrial IoT gateway with integrated cargo management, cargo sensing and remote assessment of trailer capacity. Real-time, event-driven and historical status of trailers or containers, providing customers with an enhanced decision-making tool.

XT3100 Spec Sheet

  • Multi-carrier LTE cellular connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Dual CAN bus and One-Wire bus for easy integration with other sensors and systems
  • Integrated 10 Ah battery (expandable up to 15 Ah) rechargeable using vehicle or solar power
  • Enhanced cargo sensing capabilities — dual-camera/time-of-flight ultrasonic sensor system more accurate than traditional ultrasonic-based systems
  • Optional Bluetooth door sensor may be paired with the system to trigger data capture when a door open/close event occurs
  • Capture cargo status with the door open or closed; works with any roll-up or swing style door
  • Provides thumbnail-style, low-data-cost “inside the trailer” images for qualitative review and historical analysis


XT4700 Series

An ideal solution for monitoring and control of high-value remote assets where input power availability is of concern. Consumes minimal current for periodic reporting of asset status and location.

XT4700 Spec Sheet

  • 4G Cat1 with 3G, 4G Cat M1 with 2G (depends on device model)
  • LED indicators for GNSS and cellular status
  • Ruggedized for tracking under extreme conditions
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade
  • Supports FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and CoAP
  • 3-axis accelerometer and motion detector
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Integrated GPS receiver and LTE band antenna
  • Optional integrated Bluetooth receivers (depends on device model)
  • 5Ah rechargeable battery
  • 4MB flash memory
  • AT&T and PTCRB certified

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Advanced tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) solution to ensure each trailer is pre-trip ready to haul and minimize the delays and safety hazards of blow-outs during the trip.

  • Automatically identify tire pressure and notify drivers of tire issues in real time
  • Real-time driver notification of truck and trailer
  • Truck-to-trailer link with automatic pairing
  • Automatic programming of tire sensor pairing and location
  • Automated driver and maintenance checks
  • Monitor automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS)
external TPMS

XT6200 Series

Monitor and control high-value remote assets. Know the location, condition, and monitor and control the temperature on reefer cargo containers during travel.

XT6200 Spec Sheet

  • Cat 1 LTE with 3G and 2G fallback
  • LED status indicators for GPS lock and network registration
  • Over-the-air firmware upgradeable
  • Supports TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP
  • Integrated GPS engine and GPS antenna
  • Integrated dual-band cellular antenna
  • Supports SMS connectivity
  • Certifications: FCC, IC, PTCRB


A wireless door sensor that monitors the state of the trailer door and communicates with a XT3100, able to monitor either swing or roll-up doors.

XT1040S6 Spec Sheet

  • Door status sensing
  • Optional magnetic sensing
  • Replaceable AA batteries
  • Bluetooth® 4.1
  • Integrated accelerometer
  • Internal BT antenna
  • LED status indicators
  • FCC certified

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