You Can Make a Difference Here.

At Sensata INSIGHTS, we’re big enough to compete with the biggest and small enough that your work can make a visible, meaningful impact on our success.

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We deliver truth.

Sensata INSIGHTS is one of the world’s leading telematics providers. We are among the industry’s pioneers, founded in the early 2000s. The way we see it, we deliver truth. Our cameras and the advanced technologies that connect them help our partners provide fleet managers and insurance companies (and sometimes the courts) with the accurate, unambiguous truth of what happened in and around the vehicle.

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We’re fast growers in a fast growth industry.

We’re a tech company. Global with offices in the United States, the U.K. and Bulgaria. In a $16B+ market that currently has a penetration rate below 3%. That’s a huge, exciting opportunity for a hungry, agile, customer-crazed innovator like us. We rock the indirect channel by design, helping telematics service providers (TSPs), major telecoms and tech resellers deliver difference-making video telematics to end users.

We are looking for special people.


We want sales pros who love to sell. Go-getters who go out and get after it. Who know how to beat the bushes, solo and with our customers, to generate growth-driving results.

Problem destroyers

We want engineers and developers who love problems and live to solve them. API, hardware platforms, AI/ML, bolt-on data services, software, internal IT and more.


We want ops people — program management, procurement, IT, finance, fulfillment, legal and more — team players who can make the right things happen, right now.

Relationship builders

We want ace customer service professionals, installers and others in customer-facing roles who are great at turning problems into loyal, long-term relationships.


We want marketing and product management professionals who bring new ideas and perspectives and see every challenge as an opportunity to set us apart and move us forward.

Difference makers

Ours is a small-company work environment. Warm and team oriented. A place where difference makers can make a big difference. Where the best can get even better.

Every day, our solutions protect over 350,000 vehicles traveling more than 50 million miles over the world’s roadways.

We’re believers.

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We Believe
in what we do.

Our work creates safer roads and a more efficient transportation system. It saves lives and makes life better. That’s important to us. It’s what gets us up in the morning. We love it.

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We Believe
diversity feeds innovation.

Diversity of perspective — whether through race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, hometown, experience or talent — creates a great workplace that opens minds and doors to new and better ideas.

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We Believe
values matter.

Our values unite and drive us. We live by three core values — self-starter, perseverant, client-centric — and they capture our start-now, always-forward, value-creating mentality perfectly.

Grow with us.

We are a relatively small player with really big plans. That’s exactly how we like it.

We’re hungrier. Faster. More agile.

We’re financially solid with competitive compensation and benefits. We have big-firm capabilities and a small-firm energy. Ideas flourish here. Everybody’s door is always open.
We’re a top-five provider. And we want more. Join us. Grow with us.