SWAT Engagement

SWAT is a complimentary service that optimizes the Sensata INSIGHTS IoT ecosystem, so you can get the best integration results. While we provide a comprehensive solution as part of our broad portfolio, we also work with our partners on integration and implementation to ensure an optimal customer experience within your applications.

Drive success further with SWAT.

Our team of product and technical experts, (known as “SWAT”) works directly with telematics service providers to ensure that our IoT ecosystem is effectively leveraged and intelligently integrated into our integrators’ current applications.

The result: The best possible user experience, accelerated development timelines, and a differentiated product.

swat process illustration

SWAT is part of our deeper commitment to integrators.

At Sensata INSIGHTS, we are always looking for ways to make things easier for our integrators. This means giving you the option to access our entire IoT product ecosystem or leverage specific assets and modules that can optimize your current application solution and existing systems into the IoT market. Services like SWAT are just one more way Sensata INSIGHTS is committed to being an indirect provider who puts your success first.

Unique IoT solutions for every industry.

No two markets are alike. That’s why our SWAT team can help integrators customize their offerings to address the specific needs and objectives of the markets they serve. Coupled with our mission-critical technologies and engineering know-how, we can help connect the dots across every major industry.

SWAT/Partner integrations break down into four critical phases:

Phase 1: Evaluate

We take a consultative approach to understand your business model, goals, objectives and obstacles that require immediate attention — and align with your commercial and technical targets.

Phase 2: Prioritize

Updates will be planned around your current project roadmap, and we will provide your preferred insights platform, enabling access to advanced management features with the goal of improving the overall end user experience.

Phase 3: Develop

Together, we’ll identify what features are feasible within your timeline and help you define the quickest route to a satisfactory integration, followed by planning of development sprints and troubleshooting.

Phase 4: Deploy

We’ll equip you with the skills necessary to maintain your video environment, and provide training on our backend device management, future product integrations and software feature maintenance.

New Clients:

SWAT assesses your current position in the competitive landscape and vertical market. Our goal is to strengthen our partnership and your position in the marketplace with better integration.

Existing Clients:

SWAT critically evaluates previous integrations to identify roadblocks, areas of improvement, and points to address in your next engagement. Post-evaluation, SWAT returns with focused recommendations on enhancing and expanding your development into an innovative, user-friendly and competitive IoT experience.

  • More effective use of IoT solutions, amplifying your offering and users’ experience
  • Scalable solution sets that apply to every IoT use case
  • Comprehensive enablement process speeds up development and works into your project roadmap
  • Reliable asset, device and platform management that puts you in control
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Find out for yourself.

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