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Whatever your industry, Sensata INSIGHTS has a solution to support your success.

Local Services & Trades

We offer solution flexibility and scalability to reduce costs and enhance small-fleet visibility, efficiency and safety for local plumbing, landscaping, tow trucks and countless other local service providers.

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Transportation & Logistics

Big-brand couriers and online retailers. Owned fleets and third-party logistics providers. From local to global, long-haul to last mile, Sensata INSIGHTS has the capabilities to support next-level performance.

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End-to-end product selection makes Sensata INSIGHTS the ideal choice to elevate supply chain precision and profitability, quality and control, from distribution points to destination and the roads in between.

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Breadth and versatility to meet an incredibly broad set of needs and airport vehicle types, from pushback tugs to belt loaders to de-icers to snowplows.


Construction & Heavy Equipment

Our product portfolio and solutions touch every element of construction and heavy equipment fleet and asset tracking, empowering decision makers looking to improve efficiency and productivity.

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Mining and Oil & Gas

Modular portfolio breadth, depth and flexibility combined with durable, ruggedized products provide maximum protection for operators and costly equipment in remote, harsh and hazardous environments.


Rail Yards

From local to long haul to global transportation, rail yard solutions support next level performance to help reduce costs, boost efficiency and prevent theft for big-brand counters, online retailers, owned fleets and third-party logistics providers.



Municipalities represent an incredibly broad set of needs and vehicle types, from streets and sanitation departments to first responders, motorcycles to streetsweepers—a perfect fit for Sensata INSIGHTS versatility.

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Solutions help protect cargo vessel assets, increase visibility and improve ocean transit performance across the globe for owner fleets, big-brand couriers, online retailers and third-party logistics providers.



Monitoring and location awareness products and technologies that provide real-time visibility and optimize utilization of high-value mobile equipment in order to protect property, personnel and patients.

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