Asset Monitoring and Control

Knowledge Is Power.

Why is collecting and analyzing real-time IoT data essential for any fleet? When done correctly, it can help optimize productivity, performance and security. Our asset tracking solutions empower fleet managers to monitor and measure the location, activity and condition of their most valuable assets, centralize that data in real time, and inspire actions that get results.

Fleet Managers Can Use an Asset Tracking System to:

  • Make more informed decisions
  • Know where valuable assets are — and what they’re doing
  • Enjoy a combination of improved productivity and profitability
  • Maximize tracking and control over all high-value assets

Our Asset Monitoring and Control Solutions Deliver

Sensata INSIGHTS offers powerful asset control and tracking solutions for a broad range of asset types and applications, including: trailers and long-distance hauling, temperature/humidity/CO2 monitoring, pallet and warehouse tracking, construction equipment tracking, healthcare device tracking, and supply chain and logistics management.

Rugged, Real-Time, Results-Driven

Whether it’s tracking the location and condition of assets in the field, maximizing performance in remote locations and harsh conditions, or using Bluetooth® to deliver data of assets in facilities or truck trailers to decision makers on- or offsite, our asset tracking solutions help improve utilization, security and profitability for equipment fleets. We even offer solar-powered options and IP-rated enclosures for assets that need to go the extra mile.

Why Sensata INSIGHTS?

Backed by Sensata Technologies, a $4.2B global leader in sensor technology, Sensata INSIGHTS strives to be the first choice in transportation IoT with more experience, flexibility, advanced technology and responsive support than any other provider on the planet.

Count on us to connect the dots between better data, a bigger-picture view and a deeper commitment to our relationship with you.

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