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Before completing the form on this page, please ensure you have completed and sent your service agreement. If you do not have access, reach out to our team at smartwitness-fedex@sensata.com. Once you complete this form, a Sensata INSIGHTS agent will contact you with a sales order for your VEDR solution. If you have any questions about install, rentals, or would like a demonstration, let us know in the form’s additional comments or notes field.


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Example: KP2-FXG, Price: $415.00 per unit, includes driver facing camera, Qty:2; Replacement KP2-DFC-S, Price: $47 per unit, Qty:3; CP2-LTE-3M, Price: $1.49 per unit, Qty 1; CP2 Driver facing camera replacement: SVA040-B, Price: $56.87 per unit; Storage Media Example: 64GB-SD, Price: $34.20 each, Qty 1; AT&T SIM, Price $0, Qty 1. Shipping fees may apply *
Portables are available for purchase. Please use the following for reference: QTY, KP2-FXG $415.00 each and KP2-CIG-PWR at $15.99 each.
If you wish to inquire about purchasing our CP4S device, please contact smartwitness-fedex@sensata.com
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