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Vehicle Telematics

“Black Box” devices for all powered and non-powered scenarios combined with an end-to-end cloud platform built specifically for vehicle telematics — an open ecosystem that offers on-board vehicle integration and APIs, providing the ability to create a single view from multiple data sources.

  • Capture location, diagnostic and other situational vehicle and equipment data
  • Manage, configure, control and provision devices remotely
  • Parse, archive and normalize data across devices
  • APIs designed to integrate easily with a variety of channel customer platforms

Video Telematics

A portfolio of offerings to make it easy and economical for you to add video telematics to an existing architecture or, for resellers without a telematics application, to white label a completely turnkey video telematics solution.

  • Easy APIs — add real-time video insights directly into your existing applications quickly and easily
  • AIDE and SIDE — cloud-based proprietary AI algorithms that dramatically reduce time-wasting false positives, determine if fatigue or distraction were involved in events, and use facial recognition for driver identification
  • Turnkey solution — 100% white-labeled application that completes your ability to sell telematics — even without your own application

Broad-Based IoT Cloud Platform

A highly scalable, flexible cloud-native platform to build connected applications. Maximize the value of enterprise-wide IoT data using AI and machine learning technology.

  • Our API shows TSPs what “good” looks like and what’s possible in terms of UI/UX
  • Accelerate your time-to-market with our application re-skinned to look like yours and plugged seamlessly into your application
  • We can provide the data raw or pre-processed, saving processing drain on your own application
  • We handle integrations into our application and send via our API, reducing the need for doing the integration yourself

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