Video Telematics

See It. Know It. Prove It.

It’s one thing for fleet owners to know where their vehicles and assets are. It’s another to get clear visual evidence of what’s happening in and around them. That’s where video comes in. Video telematics adds the “how” and “why” to telematics’ “what,” “where” and “when.”

Fleet Managers Can Use Video Telematics to:

  • Train, protect and exonerate drivers
  • Reduce litigation risk and costs
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Optimize fleet operations and more

Our Video Telematics Solutions Go the Extra Mile

Whether you’re looking to monitor and document on-road events, driver behavior, cargo security or all three, Sensata INSIGHTS has you covered. Our industry-leading innovation is grounded in making video simpler, more economical and more effective. We offer some of the best fleet cameras in the industry, backed by some of the lowest failure rates.

Brains Meet Brawn

Powerful AI features are built into our durable dashcams to help alert drivers of potentially unsafe driving behaviors, detect fatigue and distraction, and dramatically reduce false positives. The result? Drivers get a virtual copilot, and fleet managers gain peace of mind.

Why Sensata INSIGHTS?

Backed by Sensata Technologies, a $4.2B global leader in sensor technology, Sensata INSIGHTS strives to be the first choice in transportation IoT with more experience, flexibility, advanced technology and responsive support than any other provider on the planet.

Count on us to connect the dots between better data, a bigger-picture view and a deeper commitment to our relationship with you.

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