Warehouse and Logistics

Accelerate Efficiency and Velocity.

Looking for a better way to track the flow of goods, processes and people to, from and within a warehouse or distribution center? Sensata INSIGHTS warehouse logistics solutions can help. Use them to track item/package location, manage and optimize the flow of items/carts/pallets and link dock availability to truck location data. It’s warehouse logistics management, maximized.

Fleet Managers Can Use Warehouse and Logistics to:

  • Know which items are on which cart or pallet
  • Improve load planning and bay staging
  • Smooth out yard traffic and bay assignments
  • Reduce wait times and improve load/unload throughput

Our Warehouse and Logistics Solutions Keep Efficiency In Supply

Sensata INSIGHTS’ logistics and warehouse management options enhance system visibility with detailed, accurate location information on goods and the equipment handling them, down to a vehicle/trailer, pallet or even an individual item. Use our devices to provide real-time location visibility for outdoor and indoor applications — so you can make sure everything is in the right place, at the right time.

Keep Track of What Counts

Get effective package tracking of en-route or in-facility assets. Tracking individual beacons over cellular networks on trailers, throughout fulfillment centers or shipment yards provides location status for simplified asset management. You can even use a warehouse tracking system to generate a “chain of custody” record of a shipment’s movements.

Why Sensata INSIGHTS?

Backed by Sensata Technologies, a $4.2B global leader in sensor technology, Sensata INSIGHTS strives to be the first choice in transportation IoT with more experience, flexibility, advanced technology and responsive support than any other provider on the planet.

Count on us to connect the dots between better data, a bigger-picture view and a deeper commitment to our relationship with you.

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