Road, Driver & Multi-View Solutions

Concrete and Ready-Mix

Capture every angle for full operator and manager visibility and heavy equipment security.

Powerful insights lead to positive outcomes.

Equip your concrete and ready-mix trucks with Sensata INSIGHTS video telematics solutions to monitor driving behaviors, vehicle cabs, surroundings and jobsite activity — and record exactly what happened in an incident. In addition to providing video evidence, our solutions can help you distill behavioral trends from event footage and edge-AI analysis to develop and reinforce positive driver habits.

Pick any 4 views with CP4S or upgrade to a CRX-S to support up to 8 cameras and increase data storage.

The visibility and views you and your drivers need.
Sensata INSIGHTS multi-cam solutions can utilize up to 8 channels of video to provide a clear and comprehensive view inside, outside and around your vehicles. Video can be visible in real time both remotely and to the operator.

Construction-ready: Cameras designed for durability
Sensata INSIGHTS multi-cams are built for rugged and dirty construction environments. In fact, we’ve served as the official video telematics provider to the FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC). They’ve depended on our equipment to operate reliably in the most demanding race conditions in the world. Imagine how we can perform on the worksite for you. Purpose-built solutions are available both for on- and off-road equipment.

  • Provides full context for critical data and visibility on road/site events and driving behaviors simultaneously
  • Alongside GPS telematics, video can support safe and efficient loading and unloading cycles by improving driver accountability, strengthening verification practices and reinforcing safe operating behaviors
  • Easy to integrate—no need to add a new software to manage video. Integrates into existing systems
  • Ensures stops and deliveries are being made as planned, with video plus GPS/trip data
  • Activates custom enable/disable triggers for video and audio recordings
    • Ex: Triggers can be activated whenever a vehicle leaves a site or loading zone (via geofence)
  • Can also be set up to monitor high risk of theft areas
  • Can increase fuel economy and reduce vehicle wear and tear
  • Eliminates blind spots for ease of navigation in congested areas (requires in-cab LCD monitor)
  • Enables full-time monitoring of materials/equipment with live look-in (when additional camera is installed)
  • Provides an overview of driver habits/problematic behaviors for individual coaching
  • Live external camera views, back-up aid and the ability to record video activity simultaneously (when in-cab LCD monitor is installed)

Cover every angle to determine the what, when and why, capturing what happened before, during and immediately after the event, in and around the vehicle.

  • Pairs video of driver behavior with events for a truer truth of what happened
  • Supports quick fault determination, faster claims resolution and exoneration of drivers, owners and operators from false claims
  • Mitigates personal injury claims and potentially exorbitant litigation costs
  • Can positively impact insurance premiums
  • Heavy equipment and construction vehicles
  • On- and off-road vehicles
  • Vehicles with a high volume of stops/deliveries
  • Hauling/utility vehicles
  • Urban fleets (more obstacles, tighter spaces, increased opportunity for events/close calls)
  • Independent owner/operators
  • Long-haul trucking
  • Navigation of congested traffic areas, tight alleyways and docks
  • Transportation and monitoring of high-value materials/equipment

Choose from the following Sensata INSIGHTS road, driver & multi-view solutions:


CP4S (4 cameras total)

  • Supports a road-facing camera plus 3 accessory cameras that can be placed anywhere on the vehicle where you need visibility
  • Accessory cameras: 2 side camera options (mirror-mount) #035 or #027; rear camera SVA037-A; driver camera #050-A; road-facing camera #041
    • Note: Extension cabling required to connect accessory cameras to device
  • Can be utilized with in-cab LCD monitor for driver awareness
  • Includes IP-rated camera options for extreme environments


  • Tailored visibility—ability to place cameras where needed

CRX-S (8 Cameras Total)

  • Supports a road-facing camera plus 7 purpose-built accessory cameras that can be placed anywhere you need visibility — in-cab, side, dome, rear-view that are articulated, mirrored or unmirrored (see configuration tool)
    • Note: Extension cabling required to connect accessory cameras to device
  • Up to 8 cameras total; can be utilized with in-cab LCD monitor for enhanced driver awareness
  • Available cameras: 2 side camera options (mirror-mount) #035 or #027; rear camera SVA037-A; driver camera #050-A; road-facing camera #041
  • Includes IP-rated camera options for extreme environments


  • 360-degree view of vehicle operation; total view/angle flexibility

Video goes beyond the camera

In addition to a comprehensive line of innovative devices, Sensata INSIGHTS is a software leader, enabling custom configuration to meet your specific recording and data needs. A variety of features are available for our ADAS-enabled (KP2) and DSM-enabled (KP2) devices:

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) alerts

DSM (Driver State Monitoring)

ADAS/DSM Features

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